96 Vitosha Blvd.
Entrance Ŕ, floor 4
Sofia 1463
tel: (+359 2) 951 6867
tel: (+359 2) 951 6861
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According to actual data
According to forecast data
Complete servicing
     - subscription /monthly/
     - yearly
One-time, upon specification
Fiduciary electronic banking of salaries
  • Computer processing of the accounting information
  • Financial result or cash flow projection
  • Monthly closing of accounts and drawing up financial statements, in compliance with the requirements of multinational companies inclusive
  • Accounting consultancy on accounting policy choice
  • If necessary, drawing up reference information from consolidated statements
  • Drawing up of a depreciation schedule, reporting of monthly depreciation
  • Accounting for assets and liabilities revaluation
  • Drawing up of various types of reference information on the company’s assets and liabilities
  • Drawing up of declarations, journals, diskettes, letters, etc., to be submitted to institutions/tax authorities, the National Social Security Institute, the National Statistical Institute, the Bulgarian National Bank, commercial banks, etc./
  • Drawing up of payment orders toward the budget and payment applications
  • Registration under the Value Added Tax Act and the Excise Act
  • Registration of a cash register
  • Others
  • Consultancy rendered on labour law and social security
  • Drawing up of a payroll ledger; assessment of insurances and taxes
  • Electronic banking in the case of fiduciary management of funds
  • Personnel
  • Inspection of the accounting documentation for the respective financial year
  • Amendments
  • Closing of the revenue and the expense accounts
  • Drafting of the annual financial statements
  • Drawing up of common operating records; register of analytical accounts balances; account chronologies and marshalling of the accounting documentation
  • If necessary, certification of the Annual Financial Statements by a CPA
  • Publication of the Annual Financial Statements. Collection and arrangement of the accounting documentation into registries
  • Submission of the requisite information to the National Statistical Institute
  • Current internal audits and stocktaking
Tax consultancy and recommendations rendered on all legislative amendments

  • Tax relief utilization
  • Application of the conventions on avoidance of double taxation
ELDA-5 LTD. is pleased to extend a partnership offer to companies /Bulgarian & foreign/ or natural persons who have interest within the sphere of the services offered or the activities conducted.
The forthcoming accession of Bulgaria to the European Union gives rise to interest amongst new multinational conglomerates to broaden the scope of their activities in the territory of Bulgaria as well.
Therefore, it is our pleasure to offer agency to German-speaking colleagues from other European countries, undertaking activities in the sphere of accounting services and tax consultancy.